Our Story

Joe Lockett Signature Socks "Walking iN Faith" Series 

Radio/TV talk show host Joe Lockett is solving problems around the world.  JL "Walking iN Faith" Socks Series" started in Fall of 2017. 

Vision: Through Joe's love of socks and his faith in people, he has combined his two passions into a platform that solves problems all over the world.  Solving problems in socks! For every pair of socks sold, JL Socks will give a portion of the  profits to an important cause that will aide in that causes needs. 

Concept:  The "Walking iN Faith" process starts with each company or organization choosing a bible verse that will appear on the bottom of each pair of JL Socks. Our "Walking iN Faith Series" team works with you to design your custom socks that will promote solidarity with a "standing" scripture.

"Our  goal is to spread LOVE and FAITH  by walking proudly in JL Socks all over the world."

JL Socks ensures that its suppliers have high standards by keeping close contact with all of them. A meticulous care for detail allows JL Socks to maintain and constantly develop its production processes and the quality of product.

Leave a message to let us know how your experience was with JL Socks.  We Love you and thank you for supporting our Love for socks and Walking iN Faith with us. 

Joe Lockett